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A Little Story About The Beatles Song “Hey Jude”

You can find a great guitar lessons on Hey Jude chords here by the way, it’s fantastic and very clear.

So the chords would be F, B flat and C if you are playing in the original key of F major however what most guitar teachers will do is transpose the song into an easier key for beginners like C or G so that you can avoid having to deal with any barre chords. Most beginners will typically struggle with these kinds of chord shapes and it may even make the song completely out of reach for many if you don’t get rid of them.

What Chords Are Used In Hey Jude?

Answer: Just 3, OMG! Really. Yes. Just 3. They are F, Bb and C (or G, C and D if you play it in the easier key of G major)

That would be a shame – to restrict the playing and enjoyment of music in that way, so most will make the compromise of transposing it into an easier key.

Anyway, if you really want to play along with the original recording of “Hey Jude” then you could also make use of a capo to help change the chords but keep the key the same as the original. This is something I do often as well as I think it’s great practice for guitar students to play along to original songs especially when you can find them so quickly and completely free using YouTube.com

There’s also another video by this guitar teacher showing Sweet Home Alabama chords you can check out.

Now the history of this song goes something like it was written by Paul McCartney when he was driving, quite casually. It was originally called “Hey Jules” as it was written for John Lennon’s son Julian as a way to comfort him during the divorce of his parents.

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